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Dr.Waseem Maged

Pharmaceutical Soft Skills Trainer

Soft Skills Trainer, International Certified Trainer,  Professional Coaching & Corporate Training

Waseem maged
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International Speaker

Dr. Waseem exceeds in his talks the level of theory reaching deep practices. He is a professional speaker attracting your eyes, ears and catches your hearts with very specialized non general topics

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Corporate Training

Updated with the 21st century learning techniques, dr. Waseem designs and delivers the trainee centered programs to optimize the deep learning and skills acquiring.

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Professional Coaching

Dr. Waseem is ready for the customized support, communicating with your own questions, releasing your competencies and maximizing your achievements in all life aspects with great balance.

My Life. My Blog.

Learning is the acquisition of skill

When it comes to Self Help and learning, The challenge isn't about how many lessons you hear, but how many ideas you apply.
Knowledge is only power when you turn it into Habits, Actions, Routines,
Practices, To Do Lists, Plans, and Manners. This practice is all about
Applications, Tools, Tips, and Strategies to live a legacy based life filled with inspiration, commitment, and impact. It's the Extraction of the Extracts.


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